Riser Recliner Chairs

We offer Gloucestershire's best and most extensive range of Riser Recliner Chairs, if you're in the market for comfort, support and fantastic value for money, you've come to the right place. Our experienced staff would be delighted to show you how smooth the motion is on a British made Riser Recliner Chair. A tailor made chair is a speciality we offer that needs to be right to ensure comfort and support. The handsets are made with simplicity in mind, which makes them very straight forward and easy to use.

We have over 100 lift & rise chairs & fireside styles in our level access showroom.

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The Vermont



We often have the Kendal in the Coleford store on special offer in fabrics and leather. Call up or pop in to find what our current stock levels are and what offer we can do for you!


The Tewkesbury


The Atlanta


The Newquay


The Donna Award

The Royams Donna Riser Chair to be a superb buy!
The battery back up, speed, secure feeling and unrivaled comfort made it an easy decision for them in our opinion, but you need to try it to believe it.
We offer a No obligation, free in home national demonstration of the Donna Award, and other Royams chairs

The Donna has a very luxurious and soft waterfall padded backrest which offers incredible support and lasting durability. The Donna comes in a range of options, including wood colour, fabrics, leather, vinyl and has multiple adjustments such as Height and Width. The main choice would be for a Handle Recliner Chair or a Riser Recliner Chair. The handsets are very simple to use with clearly marked buttons and hooks onto the side of the chair. We strongly urge you to come and try this chair yourself.


if seat alterations are required, this can be done with an additional cost. Vinyl and leather options are also available as an optional upgrade.
The price shown does NOT include vat, for anyone who is sick or chronically disabled there will be no vat to pay on top of the prices quoted
providing the customer signs a self declaration vat exemption form. If the purchaser/user of the chair does not suffer from a disability, the vat will have to be paid.
If you would like to know anything further regarding vat exemption or ask if you could be entitled to vat exemption, please call us on 01594 836807.